28 Dr Atkins Would Have a Heart Attack

What does the future hold for us? A question that has bothered mankind for the as long as he could think for himself. Will we reach for the stars, or delve into the depths of cyberspace. Will we ever get that flying car? What is true meaning of life when technology surpasses our capasity for imagination? What does tomorrow hold?

All these are great questions that won’t be anwsered here on Oh Shirt! The Show, but for those of you who want to know the future, this episode contains hookers, chicken nuggets, and crazy government laws for controlling your every move.

Fun Times Ahead?

Dr Atkins Would Have a Heart Attack

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Check out the things we talked about:

Girl Eats Chicken Nuggets for 15 Years

30,000 Drones Over U.S


27 More Solid Than a Snake

Recorded on 4/12/12

Gohlke spirals out of control in a pit of silence. Can he be resurrected? Will he be saved. Find out.

This episode was recorded last week, and I forgot to post it, so this week will have two posts. It’s almost like a bonus week, so long as you don’t feel jipped from last week.

Things have been great in the world of Chris Fillmore. I don’t intend to speak in 3rd person, but I want you to know who is writing. Also I am that self-centered. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times during the show, that I started doing Jiu Jitsu, and it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve been learning a lot about myself and the world in doing it. It’s a very humbling experience. Being strangled by someone who isn’t exactly trying to kill you, but could, puts a lot of things into perspective.

Throughout April I have been working on a screenplay, for Script Frenzy. It’s coming along pretty well. I ended up getting behind last week because I was far too distracted by the poor series of events that occurred, that I mentioned last week. After gaining perspective I realize that those things weren’t really that bad. Things have just been going so well for me that I was really bothered by the things that assaulted my life.

Thanks everyone for listening. I really enjoy doing the show, and as we get closer and closer to the one year mark, I am more amazed. If I never went anywhere with this, I’m still stoked with what I have done. I appreciate you all and everything we’ve done. Remember, we want your dirty laundry. We need it. Feed us your filthy disgusting raunchy filth stories. Hell, even if they aren’t news articles, and are just stories you have, let us know. We’ll read them off for you.

Without further ado, the episode:

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26 Sexual Healing

Recorded Live on April 5, 2011: Chris and Chris get extra personal with vaginal scented spray, real dolls, and George Takei. Chris Fillmore holds tight to the reigns of “Podcast Ranter” as Gohlke tries to figure out what’s gotten into Chris Fillmore.

Vagina scented spray website.

Listen here.  26 Sexual Healing

Or here [audio]

22 All Betz Are Off (Interview With Travis Betz)

Writer/Director/funny man Travis Betz joins the show for a fun talk of film making, movies, art, The Muppets and we see the return of “Bear News”.

Thanks a lot to Travis for making this interview experience both fun and easy. I had a great time in this episode.

Click Here to Play 22 All Betz Are Off

Blubrry player!
Movie Trailers:

The Dead Iniside (2011)

Lo (2009)

Sunday (2008)

Joshua (2006)

Everyone who pays attention, let Travis know you heard about him here. Find all of his social media info below.

Travis’ Website

Travis on Twitter 

Travis on YouTube (highly recommended)

Travis on Facebook 

21 Science Has Gone Too Far

Scientist go over board creating sperm in a petri dish and a super deadly version of the bird flu in the same week. Chris’ car leaves him in the dark, and the show proves it isn’t dead yet.

Click here to listen —->21 Science has Gone Too far

Or here:

News: Scientist Create Sperm in Petri Dish

Scientist Create Deadly Bird Flu

Music used: Bonus Bop

The Humans Are Dead (cover)- ApprenticeA and Songs To Wear Pants To

Horesman – Songs To Wear Pants To


20 Back From the Lazarus Pit

The Chris(s) return with the first official episode in more than 2 months and boy does it feel good to be back. Not even the return of the Wooly Mammoth could take the excitement from this episode. Not to mention it’s out just in time for your Christmas gift. So turn up the speakers and offend the family with a dose of Oh Shirt! The Show.

Back from the Lazarus Pit

18 You Can’t Sue Me

Christina’s personal log 9/18/11

Well I was listening in on the recording and it was horrible they talked about dying and the meaning of 
exisictance and all this real deep shit. Then quick as lightning they turned 180% and started 
getting all political. And those boys just wouldn't leave me to my work!

I honeslty don't know why these yahoo's hired me, something about being too busy with some court case 
or another to do all the editing themselves. Well joke is on them I'm going to put this episode out 
late on purpose to damage their reputation and after the contract falls through I'll never have 
to listen to them ramble on about stuff ever again.

18 You Can’t Sue Me

A picture of me (Fillmore) and my papa.


Thanks for Listening. Tune in next week!

17 On a Scale of One to Vuvuzela

It has nothing to do with soccer, but everything to do with Gohlke reappearing in his comfy position of cohost.

Neighborhood restrictions on Halloween shows, people getting incepted, and brain uploading. That’s what’s in store for you today.

17 On a Scale of one to Vuvuzela

This is easily the worst summary of an episode yet. You don’t even get pictures.

Thanks to The Venetia Fair again, for providing the awesome ending song. If you haven’t checked them out yet you suck and you should click the word HERE to give them some of your attention. They deserve it.

Anyone interested in some street promotion, we the Shirt team are in the process of working some ideas out. If you’re interested drop us a comment or a letter at It will be fun and there will surely be something in it for you.

15 A Random Fu*kfest

Nick of Burn Bin joins me again as we record an impromptu mid-week episode. This episode is very conversational and we get to know our guest and host just a little more. More nerdisms and jokes ensue, on this episode of Oh Shrit! The Show.

15 Random Fuckfest

Squirt Soda:

Squirt Soda 1955

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for Friday: The Lost Sister Files.

The Lost Sister Files No.1

Hello Shirt Heads! Yeah, that’s right! That’s what you’re called now. I called it, and we do operate according to the International Dibs Protocol, as well as the No Take Backs Accord, at Oh Shirt!.
In case you don’t know what’s going on my name is Rachel Gohlke and I’m Chris Gohlke’s sister, you can tell because I CAN spell his last name right. so, you might be wondering who are you, and why do we care? well you don’t, even Chris Gohlke forgot who I was in Oh Shirt! The Show episode 11. All you really need to know is that I’m an artsy, nerdy, narcissistic, “big fancy school” student who has already spent way too much time on herself and is essentially wasting your time with stuff you could find with a simple google search. But hey don’t worry it’s not all about me, it’s about educating yourselves. I refuse to be the only person who has esoteric knowledge anymore. So, unless Chris Fillmore decides i’m not cool enough, I’ll be dropping nuggets of “did you know?” goodies, and related nifty shit for your viewer pleasure.
For example:
Do you know how the Monkey Wrench got it’s name?
It’s not because monkeys are fond of using them with their feet. The Monkey Wrench got it’s name from slang, like most things. In Britian, around 1841, Charles Moncky (pronounced MON-k-I) invented this tool and when it was sold to Americans it was given the possessive name “Moncky’s wrench” and with time and use “Monkcy’s wrench” became Monkey Wrench.
Related nifty shit:
A Monkey shaped Monkey wrench:
Monkey Wrench by the Foo Fighters:

Not so related shit:
Not one painting of a monkey wrench:
BAM! There you go. You officially have shit to say to impress everyone from strangers to professors and employers without inciting a laborious debate about politics, ’cause that’s what happens whenever you regurgitate whatever you see on the news. Prepare to be interesting!
LEGOS. If you’ve been on this world for more than a month you’re aware of them. If you work with children they are the most blessed of modern inventions, and has started more fights than religion. But aside from the fact that they are an undying tradition among children and children at heart, what else do you know about them?

Would you believe that the inventor of LEGO, Ole Kirk, was not the pioneer of connecting blocks? He wasn’t, but he was the first to snatch up the rights to the product once the first inventor committed suicide. Though back in 1947 LEGOS looked a bit different than we know now, but only just a bit. It wasn’t until a few decades later that the “Tube and Stud” system we know now was patented, the interlocking tubes made the toy able to create larger structures, and allowed for more rough handling, thus fixing LEGOS to be a staple in the toy industry for the foreseeable future.
LEGOS by the Numbers:
7 – the number of LEGO sets that are sold every second. During Christmas, almost 28 sets are sold every second.
40,000,000,000 – Number of LEGO bricks you would need to build a column reaching to the Moon.
75 – The average number of LEGO bricks owned by each person on Earth.
5,000,000,000- Hours spent by children around the world playing with LEGO each year.
915,000,000 how many ways to combine six LEGO bricks
2,400,000 LEGO club members world wide
Related nifty shit:
DIY LEGOS gas tank:
mini fig helmet:
43,000 piece creation:
myth busted:

brick testament:
a good point:
LEGOS swag:
With LEGOS being such a big pop icon around the world it’s really hard to narrow down the nifty shit that’s related. These are the coolest ones that i found. If you have any LEGOS stories, links, or creations leave them in a comment! and because the only way i know how to conclude essays and such is by a recap (thanks college!). While I might be no one worth screaming off the roof tops about I do know some pretty random esoteric knowledge that has won over the hearts of many a stranger, monkey wrenches are a product of the deterioration of language and LEGOS rule the world. You’ve been educated. Go infect the masses with knowledge.
-Rachel Gohlke [The Lost Sister]