28 Dr Atkins Would Have a Heart Attack

What does the future hold for us? A question that has bothered mankind for the as long as he could think for himself. Will we reach for the stars, or delve into the depths of cyberspace. Will we ever get that flying car? What is true meaning of life when technology surpasses our capasity for imagination? What does tomorrow hold?

All these are great questions that won’t be anwsered here on Oh Shirt! The Show, but for those of you who want to know the future, this episode contains hookers, chicken nuggets, and crazy government laws for controlling your every move.

Fun Times Ahead?

Dr Atkins Would Have a Heart Attack

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Check out the things we talked about:

Girl Eats Chicken Nuggets for 15 Years

30,000 Drones Over U.S


27 More Solid Than a Snake

Recorded on 4/12/12

Gohlke spirals out of control in a pit of silence. Can he be resurrected? Will he be saved. Find out.

This episode was recorded last week, and I forgot to post it, so this week will have two posts. It’s almost like a bonus week, so long as you don’t feel jipped from last week.

Things have been great in the world of Chris Fillmore. I don’t intend to speak in 3rd person, but I want you to know who is writing. Also I am that self-centered. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times during the show, that I started doing Jiu Jitsu, and it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve been learning a lot about myself and the world in doing it. It’s a very humbling experience. Being strangled by someone who isn’t exactly trying to kill you, but could, puts a lot of things into perspective.

Throughout April I have been working on a screenplay, for Script Frenzy. It’s coming along pretty well. I ended up getting behind last week because I was far too distracted by the poor series of events that occurred, that I mentioned last week. After gaining perspective I realize that those things weren’t really that bad. Things have just been going so well for me that I was really bothered by the things that assaulted my life.

Thanks everyone for listening. I really enjoy doing the show, and as we get closer and closer to the one year mark, I am more amazed. If I never went anywhere with this, I’m still stoked with what I have done. I appreciate you all and everything we’ve done. Remember, we want your dirty laundry. We need it. Feed us your filthy disgusting raunchy filth stories. Hell, even if they aren’t news articles, and are just stories you have, let us know. We’ll read them off for you.

Without further ado, the episode:

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[audio https://ohshirtpodcast.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/more-solid-than-a-snake.mp3]

26 Sexual Healing

Recorded Live on April 5, 2011: Chris and Chris get extra personal with vaginal scented spray, real dolls, and George Takei. Chris Fillmore holds tight to the reigns of “Podcast Ranter” as Gohlke tries to figure out what’s gotten into Chris Fillmore.

Vagina scented spray website.

Listen here.  26 Sexual Healing

Or here [audio https://ohshirtpodcast.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/s2-e51.mp3]

23 Purely Repulsive

Do you really even read the summary?

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21 Science Has Gone Too Far

Scientist go over board creating sperm in a petri dish and a super deadly version of the bird flu in the same week. Chris’ car leaves him in the dark, and the show proves it isn’t dead yet.

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Or here:

News: Scientist Create Sperm in Petri Dish

Scientist Create Deadly Bird Flu

Music used: Bonus Bop -OCremix.com

The Humans Are Dead (cover)- ApprenticeA and Songs To Wear Pants To

Horesman – Songs To Wear Pants To


20 Back From the Lazarus Pit

The Chris(s) return with the first official episode in more than 2 months and boy does it feel good to be back. Not even the return of the Wooly Mammoth could take the excitement from this episode. Not to mention it’s out just in time for your Christmas gift. So turn up the speakers and offend the family with a dose of Oh Shirt! The Show.

Back from the Lazarus Pit

18 You Can’t Sue Me

Christina’s personal log 9/18/11

Well I was listening in on the recording and it was horrible they talked about dying and the meaning of 
exisictance and all this real deep shit. Then quick as lightning they turned 180% and started 
getting all political. And those boys just wouldn't leave me to my work!

I honeslty don't know why these yahoo's hired me, something about being too busy with some court case 
or another to do all the editing themselves. Well joke is on them I'm going to put this episode out 
late on purpose to damage their reputation and after the contract falls through I'll never have 
to listen to them ramble on about stuff ever again.

18 You Can’t Sue Me

A picture of me (Fillmore) and my papa.


Thanks for Listening. Tune in next week!

17 On a Scale of One to Vuvuzela

It has nothing to do with soccer, but everything to do with Gohlke reappearing in his comfy position of cohost.

Neighborhood restrictions on Halloween shows, people getting incepted, and brain uploading. That’s what’s in store for you today.

17 On a Scale of one to Vuvuzela

This is easily the worst summary of an episode yet. You don’t even get pictures.

Thanks to The Venetia Fair again, for providing the awesome ending song. If you haven’t checked them out yet you suck and you should click the word HERE to give them some of your attention. They deserve it.

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The Lost Sister Files No. 4

Hey, shirtheads! Yes, I am back from the studying grave and, since I only have about two weeks till my next bout of exams, I’m not going to be meticulous or picky about what I write on. It’s kinda a waste of time, and time is valuable, or at least it is to the living. Anyway, I recently rediscovered pedometers. I have inherited this totally rad “Pokemon Pikachu,” which I will henceforth refer to as the “Pokedometer.”
Now, you’re probably thinking, “Wait – didn’t Pokemon just put out some pedometers? Where and when did this come from?” Well, this “Pokedometer” came out about the time Pokemon Blue and Red were released and an update of my model came out when Gold and Silver were released. Since then it has been remade a few times, but the reboot of the game was complete when it also incorporated the “Pokewalker” along with the game.

This nifty little blast from the past has me fired up to start walking more, which is more special than it sounds because of the amount of walking I do everyday now that I go to Texas State. My first question, though, was “How many calories are burned by a single step?” Unfortunately, my Pokedometer doesn’t include this calculation as a part of its features, which is understand able because this item was probably an attempt to compete with the ‘Digimon’ and ‘Tamagotchi’ that were extremely popular at the time. Nevertheless, we live in the technology age and most things are easier to find than you think.

Shape Up America!, a leading non-profit concerned with educating our country on how to become or stay fit with simple exercises and no gym membership, indicates that on average you’ll burn one calorie for every 20 steps you burn. SUA recommends to use  walking as a tool for weight loss – you should walk 10,000 steps a day in order to burn 500 calories a day.

This news admittedly kinda bummed me out at first, but you would be surprised at how quickly these steps add up, and the calories you burn vary with increases and decreases. For a person who has neither the time nor the money for gyms, this is a good first step on the road to being more likely to survive 60. That aside, something I almost always think to myself when I pick something up is, “Self,” I think “When was this invented and how exactly does this work?” You might call bull on that, but it is the major side effect of watching The History Channel for most of your life.

It is said that the idea of a pedometer has roots in ancient Rome, but the first documented blueprints were drawn up by the illustrious Leonardo Da Vinci for military uses, though the modern all-mechanical pedometer was introduced later to America by Thomas Jefferson, and it is Jefferson who is most often given credit for its design and modern introduction into western society.

As for how it works? Well, a simple pedometer like my ‘Pokedometer’ consists of a mechanical sensor which counts steps by calculating how much the body shakes. The device can sense the vibrations of your feet hitting the pavement or the movement of your hips and use this to move the counter forward.

Well, now that I, as well as you, know all there there is to know about pedometers, we’ll be able to strut around our various cities looking maybe a little silly but feeling good knowing that right at your hip you are a badass catwalking with Da Vinci’s and Jefferson’s brainchild. That’s all i have for you this week. If there is anything in particular you want to know then comment below. Until then, go out and get educated!

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15 A Random Fu*kfest

Nick of Burn Bin joins me again as we record an impromptu mid-week episode. This episode is very conversational and we get to know our guest and host just a little more. More nerdisms and jokes ensue, on this episode of Oh Shrit! The Show.

15 Random Fuckfest

Squirt Soda:

Squirt Soda 1955

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for Friday: The Lost Sister Files.