28 Dr Atkins Would Have a Heart Attack

What does the future hold for us? A question that has bothered mankind for the as long as he could think for himself. Will we reach for the stars, or delve into the depths of cyberspace. Will we ever get that flying car? What is true meaning of life when technology surpasses our capasity for imagination? What does tomorrow hold?

All these are great questions that won’t be anwsered here on Oh Shirt! The Show, but for those of you who want to know the future, this episode contains hookers, chicken nuggets, and crazy government laws for controlling your every move.

Fun Times Ahead?

Dr Atkins Would Have a Heart Attack

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Check out the things we talked about:

Girl Eats Chicken Nuggets for 15 Years

30,000 Drones Over U.S


26 Sexual Healing

Recorded Live on April 5, 2011: Chris and Chris get extra personal with vaginal scented spray, real dolls, and George Takei. Chris Fillmore holds tight to the reigns of “Podcast Ranter” as Gohlke tries to figure out what’s gotten into Chris Fillmore.

Vagina scented spray website.

Listen here.  26 Sexual Healing

Or here [audio]

23 Purely Repulsive

Do you really even read the summary?

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22 All Betz Are Off (Interview With Travis Betz)

Writer/Director/funny man Travis Betz joins the show for a fun talk of film making, movies, art, The Muppets and we see the return of “Bear News”.

Thanks a lot to Travis for making this interview experience both fun and easy. I had a great time in this episode.

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Blubrry player!
Movie Trailers:

The Dead Iniside (2011)

Lo (2009)

Sunday (2008)

Joshua (2006)

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21 Science Has Gone Too Far

Scientist go over board creating sperm in a petri dish and a super deadly version of the bird flu in the same week. Chris’ car leaves him in the dark, and the show proves it isn’t dead yet.

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Or here:

News: Scientist Create Sperm in Petri Dish

Scientist Create Deadly Bird Flu

Music used: Bonus Bop

The Humans Are Dead (cover)- ApprenticeA and Songs To Wear Pants To

Horesman – Songs To Wear Pants To


20 Back From the Lazarus Pit

The Chris(s) return with the first official episode in more than 2 months and boy does it feel good to be back. Not even the return of the Wooly Mammoth could take the excitement from this episode. Not to mention it’s out just in time for your Christmas gift. So turn up the speakers and offend the family with a dose of Oh Shirt! The Show.

Back from the Lazarus Pit

19 Two Thirds Gay

The first new REAL episode of Oh Shirt! The Show, in almost three weeks is graciously co-hosted by none other than Nick from Burn Bin podcast.  Completely unedited, the conversation rabbit trails from anime (as is usual), Twilight, and mysterious questions arise about being one of the last people alive on a mountain. I bet you can’t wait to hear where that goes. I know I can’t! All in the nineteenth episode of Oh Shirt! The Show.

Also this counts as episode 7 of NaPodPoMo

19 Two Thirds Gay

18 You Can’t Sue Me

Christina’s personal log 9/18/11

Well I was listening in on the recording and it was horrible they talked about dying and the meaning of 
exisictance and all this real deep shit. Then quick as lightning they turned 180% and started 
getting all political. And those boys just wouldn't leave me to my work!

I honeslty don't know why these yahoo's hired me, something about being too busy with some court case 
or another to do all the editing themselves. Well joke is on them I'm going to put this episode out 
late on purpose to damage their reputation and after the contract falls through I'll never have 
to listen to them ramble on about stuff ever again.

18 You Can’t Sue Me

A picture of me (Fillmore) and my papa.


Thanks for Listening. Tune in next week!

17 On a Scale of One to Vuvuzela

It has nothing to do with soccer, but everything to do with Gohlke reappearing in his comfy position of cohost.

Neighborhood restrictions on Halloween shows, people getting incepted, and brain uploading. That’s what’s in store for you today.

17 On a Scale of one to Vuvuzela

This is easily the worst summary of an episode yet. You don’t even get pictures.

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14 Three Kings of Glory

2 hour of, easily some of the most fun I have had in conversation. Nick of Burn Bin joins Chris and Chris, in a series of rabbit trails containing far too much to talk about in a synopsis. So, what are you waiting for? Hit play and get to listening.

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The Nerf N- Force series


This Week in Bear News:

This week was pretty dull in ferocious, cave dwelling bear news, so to keep up with the idea of having bear news every week I am bringing you a bit of news from my favorite gay “bear”.

Maclcolm Ingram

Malcolm is in the process of making a new documentary about the Continental Bath House. If you’re interested and would like to help make this a reality give a look over at his Kickstarter page. Link below. Help a man make a movie. How many times do you get to do that in your life? Have your name in credits and all.  Be sure to check out the video and see what it’s all about.

Kickstarter link