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34 Ain’t Afraid of no Ghost

It’s been a long time since the podcasting bug has inspired me, but what better time than an on a group ghost hunt to pocket your field recorder and get something done? None. The answer is none. So I proudly bring to you episode 34 Ain’t Afraid of no Ghost

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22 All Betz Are Off (Interview With Travis Betz)

Writer/Director/funny man Travis Betz joins the show for a fun talk of film making, movies, art, The Muppets and we see the return of “Bear News”.

Thanks a lot to Travis for making this interview experience both fun and easy. I had a great time in this episode.

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Movie Trailers:

The Dead Iniside (2011)

Lo (2009)

Sunday (2008)

Joshua (2006)

Everyone who pays attention, let Travis know you heard about him here. Find all of his social media info below.

Travis’ Website

Travis on Twitter 

Travis on YouTube (highly recommended)

Travis on Facebook 

05 I Don’t Live In Sin

05 I Don’t Live in Sin


Part 2/2, the continuation of the Chris and Chris episode. We finish the Landon story, talk about working as clerks and the benefits of podcasting.

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