26 Sexual Healing

Recorded Live on April 5, 2011: Chris and Chris get extra personal with vaginal scented spray, real dolls, and George Takei. Chris Fillmore holds tight to the reigns of “Podcast Ranter” as Gohlke tries to figure out what’s gotten into Chris Fillmore.

Vagina scented spray website.

Listen here.  26 Sexual Healing

Or here [audio https://ohshirtpodcast.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/s2-e51.mp3]


Just a bump to get you by

Well everyone, I’ve been consistently bringing you shows throughout the week and this is how dedicated I’ve become.

Gohlke got lost within the week and we weren’t capable of recording on Thursday like the schedule states, so I decided to continue with my promise of an episode every Thursday anyway. I broadcast a short 10 minute episode just updating people on the goings on at Oh Shirt! The Show. We’ll be broadcasting on Sunday probably around noon as usual, but if you just can’t wait to hear my amazing voice listen to the link below.

Just A Bump To Get You By

[audio https://ohshirtpodcast.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/bump.mp3]

Reverse Polarity.

Last week on Oh, Shirt! the show… tech issues happened and the universe subsequently imploded, and much like a shirt being turned inside out in the washer we are now journeying on the flip side. Chris is now Chris; as well as Chris being Chris!! There are still rants and raves, as well as stupid banter going back and forth but things are not as they normally are.

None the less many things are discussed, personal politics, the pains of working in a thankless occupation, and a bit of audience interaction. Be thankful or sullied that you missed Chris Gohlke sprawlling out like a french woman, and enjoy your time in this backwards episode of Oh, Shirt! the show.

(don’t worry all shirts go through the dryer before being folded and we should be back to normal next week!)

Addendum- Much like the lost laundry in the dyer, this episode has vanished from the files of the OSTS studios. We’re sad to say that the only way reach the last episode is by watching the Ustream broadcast in the streaming section. Sorry guys and gals, -Fillmore.

Season 2 Premier

After a “slight” hiatus Oh, Shirt! The Show. is back and better than… well actually it’s about the same as it’s always been. So between the ranting and ravings of Chris Gohlke and his co-host Chris Fillmore it is safe to say that we’re back in the saddle.  Thursday is the magic day that we’re both off at the same time so we’ll be aiming to record about this time each week.

Also we had a Ustream live show going on which was moderately successful. http://ustre.am/EtwI/1

Click here to listen to Season 2 Premier

[audio https://ohshirtpodcast.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/s2e1.mp3]

Chris Fillmore freaked out about bears, and Chris Gohlke got pissed off at stupid news articles, everything you love about Chris & Chris (inc.) back at it’s fullest!!

Look forward to more shows in the near future, and if you have ideas for topics you would like to hear me piss and moan about things go ahead and put them in the comments, E will tell you that we listen, and honestly it helps us bring a bit of focus to the torrential shit-storm that we call Oh, Shirt! The Show.

.                                                                                                                            -Chris (but which one?)

Farewell to my best friend.

For those of you not in the know, this last week has been especially painful for me and my friends. We lost someone very dear to us, Mr. Thomas James. I was thinking about recording a tribute episode to him, but that won’t come until I’m at a point that I can reminisce without completely breaking down emotionally. 

Thomas was the kind of guy, you know the ones, that made the best of every situation, no matter how bad. He had a million and one stories to tell, and if you’ve heard all those I promise you hadn’t heard all his jokes. It’s truly a crime that he passed on when he did.

Funny thing, regret; it makes me wish I hadn’t moved to Seattle at all, so I could have had more time with my buddy. Doubly so now since I will miss his funeral, it just came too soon (sorry). But I have a plan! The next time I am down in Texas I’m going to pay tribute to my friend in a way I think he’d find hilarious. My plan is to open a can of Dr.Pepper at his grave and poor it on it. I figure it’s somewhat fitting, it’s his favorite soda and an homage to Chrono Trigger’s humorous side character Toma, and I get to make a “poor some for the homies” joke while doing it. I think he would laugh.

Unfortunate news aside, I’m happy to announce that not shit else has been happening, so to the 3 people that still keep an eye out for us I apologize again for letting y’all down, I’ll do better next week.

                                                                                                                 -Chris Gohlke

23 Purely Repulsive

Do you really even read the summary?

Click here to listen to Purely Repulsive

[audio https://ohshirtpodcast.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/purely-repulsive.mp3]

Visit our second home at http://www.blubrry.com/ohshirtpodcast

The song featured at the beginning of the show is from my buddy Jordan Olivio. If you would like to hear more of his stuff featured on future shows let us know, and we’ll pump your brains full of the stuff.

Thanks to E for featuring this weeks Bear News. If anyone wants to contribute to the show you too can do so by dropping us a digital letter over at ohshirtpodcast@gmail.com

22 All Betz Are Off (Interview With Travis Betz)

Writer/Director/funny man Travis Betz joins the show for a fun talk of film making, movies, art, The Muppets and we see the return of “Bear News”.

Thanks a lot to Travis for making this interview experience both fun and easy. I had a great time in this episode.

Click Here to Play 22 All Betz Are Off

Blubrry player!
Movie Trailers:

The Dead Iniside (2011)

Lo (2009)

Sunday (2008)

Joshua (2006)

Everyone who pays attention, let Travis know you heard about him here. Find all of his social media info below.

Travis’ Website

Travis on Twitter 

Travis on YouTube (highly recommended)

Travis on Facebook 

21 Science Has Gone Too Far

Scientist go over board creating sperm in a petri dish and a super deadly version of the bird flu in the same week. Chris’ car leaves him in the dark, and the show proves it isn’t dead yet.

Click here to listen —->21 Science has Gone Too far

Or here:

News: Scientist Create Sperm in Petri Dish

Scientist Create Deadly Bird Flu

Music used: Bonus Bop -OCremix.com

The Humans Are Dead (cover)- ApprenticeA and Songs To Wear Pants To

Horesman – Songs To Wear Pants To


20 Back From the Lazarus Pit

The Chris(s) return with the first official episode in more than 2 months and boy does it feel good to be back. Not even the return of the Wooly Mammoth could take the excitement from this episode. Not to mention it’s out just in time for your Christmas gift. So turn up the speakers and offend the family with a dose of Oh Shirt! The Show.

Back from the Lazarus Pit