I’ll Cry if I Want To (It’s my party)

Recorded on May 20, 2012
The birthday episode of Oh Shirt Brings much of the same as we talk about The Matrix, Indiana Jones, Doing the Right thing, and more.

Click here to play I’ll Cry if I Want To (it’s My Birthday)

Or here

Songs provided by Horse The Band

Intro: New York

Outro: Kangarooster



  1. I finally got to listen again, Yay! Happy Birthday or Congratulations or Kudos !
    Chris G. says whenever the shows starts his mind goes blank, I had some type of ‘Performance Anxiety’ joke in there. Cool sound effects, have one show with cheesy effects the entire program.
    Indiana Jones Crystal Skull – Movie is cheesy, the first thing I notice was WOW Harrison Ford got Old. But then he does his usual badass Jones stuff and you get into it. I lost interest somewhere around the jungle scene.
    I heard Chris say Homage a couple times within a few minutes. I think that was the word of the day.

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