Reverse Polarity.

Last week on Oh, Shirt! the show… tech issues happened and the universe subsequently imploded, and much like a shirt being turned inside out in the washer we are now journeying on the flip side. Chris is now Chris; as well as Chris being Chris!! There are still rants and raves, as well as stupid banter going back and forth but things are not as they normally are.

None the less many things are discussed, personal politics, the pains of working in a thankless occupation, and a bit of audience interaction. Be thankful or sullied that you missed Chris Gohlke sprawlling out like a french woman, and enjoy your time in this backwards episode of Oh, Shirt! the show.

(don’t worry all shirts go through the dryer before being folded and we should be back to normal next week!)

Addendum- Much like the lost laundry in the dyer, this episode has vanished from the files of the OSTS studios. We’re sad to say that the only way reach the last episode is by watching the Ustream broadcast in the streaming section. Sorry guys and gals, -Fillmore.


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