Season 2 Premier

After a “slight” hiatus Oh, Shirt! The Show. is back and better than… well actually it’s about the same as it’s always been. So between the ranting and ravings of Chris Gohlke and his co-host Chris Fillmore it is safe to say that we’re back in the saddle.  Thursday is the magic day that we’re both off at the same time so we’ll be aiming to record about this time each week.

Also we had a Ustream live show going on which was moderately successful.

Click here to listen to Season 2 Premier


Chris Fillmore freaked out about bears, and Chris Gohlke got pissed off at stupid news articles, everything you love about Chris & Chris (inc.) back at it’s fullest!!

Look forward to more shows in the near future, and if you have ideas for topics you would like to hear me piss and moan about things go ahead and put them in the comments, E will tell you that we listen, and honestly it helps us bring a bit of focus to the torrential shit-storm that we call Oh, Shirt! The Show.

.                                                                                                                            -Chris (but which one?)



  1. Listened to the live show.

    1. I love the topic about stand ups. I’ll have to look that chick up.
    Female comics discussing sex, religion, politics. Some of them can do it well depending on how crass they come. If a Female comic pulls the “Things about us women and why men are stupid, dating and kids.” They pull that specific audience. Kathleen Madigan, Wanda Sykes, and a few of the older women are better with political jokes.

    2. Every dude has pee’d in a bottle at one time or another. It’s a right of passage.

    3. The bare bear looks like an extra from Underworld.

  2. I’m germaphobic=afraid of germs. I use those toilet seat covers everywhere I go if they are there and it definitely is a learned skill to use them correctly. Lol. And as I was listening to this I was tanning outside in the sun, and yes Chris, I do feel happier 🙂

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