Farewell to my best friend.

For those of you not in the know, this last week has been especially painful for me and my friends. We lost someone very dear to us, Mr. Thomas James. I was thinking about recording a tribute episode to him, but that won’t come until I’m at a point that I can reminisce without completely breaking down emotionally. 

Thomas was the kind of guy, you know the ones, that made the best of every situation, no matter how bad. He had a million and one stories to tell, and if you’ve heard all those I promise you hadn’t heard all his jokes. It’s truly a crime that he passed on when he did.

Funny thing, regret; it makes me wish I hadn’t moved to Seattle at all, so I could have had more time with my buddy. Doubly so now since I will miss his funeral, it just came too soon (sorry). But I have a plan! The next time I am down in Texas I’m going to pay tribute to my friend in a way I think he’d find hilarious. My plan is to open a can of Dr.Pepper at his grave and poor it on it. I figure it’s somewhat fitting, it’s his favorite soda and an homage to Chrono Trigger’s humorous side character Toma, and I get to make a “poor some for the homies” joke while doing it. I think he would laugh.

Unfortunate news aside, I’m happy to announce that not shit else has been happening, so to the 3 people that still keep an eye out for us I apologize again for letting y’all down, I’ll do better next week.

                                                                                                                 -Chris Gohlke


One comment

  1. Man, that’s sucks dude. There’s no perfect response to death, it’s no laughing matter… unless it’s a clown. But keep your head up, and don’t beat yourself up with the coulda, woulda, shoulda. The Dr. Pepper plan is supreme! Continue his legacy but telling his jokes when you’re ready.

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