20 Back From the Lazarus Pit

The Chris(s) return with the first official episode in more than 2 months and boy does it feel good to be back. Not even the return of the Wooly Mammoth could take the excitement from this episode. Not to mention it’s out just in time for your Christmas gift. So turn up the speakers and offend the family with a dose of Oh Shirt! The Show.

Back from the Lazarus Pit



  1. It’s nice to hear you two chatting again, there was too long of a break! Great episode and hopefully you keep ’em coming. As to my chances of guesting, I doubt that will be happening any time soon for me, but I would LOVE to hear Igor try to guest for an episode!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed Nick. It felt good to be back in the Captain’s chair. Sorry you can’t join us again soon, but it would be fun to try an episode with Igor. Talk to him about it and maybe we could set something up.

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