Delicates No.5 is here!!

Hey there denizens of the Internet realm! This is Gohlke again I’m here to add my voice into your ears if you so choose.

This load of dedicates is me once again getting into video games because that is my standby.  The other Chris that runs this train wreck is working on his book so he’ll be gone for a bit, but that’s OK, you guys only come to hear me anyways RIGHT!?

Also I’m wondering where my sister went… ah well. In this cast I ask everyone for ideas on what to review otherwise you’ll get more video games!

Click here to listen to The Delicates No. 5

Anyways, here are the links to some of the places I mentioned. Excellent videogame music community. Very well constructed weekly video about what else? Video Games! Nostalgia Critic, if you’re not familiar with this guy, make yourself familiar. He reviews all kinds of things not just videogames. AVGN, Angry Video Game Nerd, ’nuff said.



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