The Delicates No. 4

Delicates no.4 brought to you by many letters of D. This is Chris Gohlke, tonight I am using a shitty mic 
and a rudimentary audio program, so whatever I'm working with what I can.
Hope it doesn't cause your ears to bleed too much.
Click here to listen to The Delicates No. 4

A Halloween episode of my current beloved animated show.

The easiest boss in Dark Souls:

Spider web article, and caffeinated spider webs, btw caffeine ROCKS!
Also, celebrity D&D




  1. Hey Gohlke,
    When you transitioned from Politics to MLP, I had a good laugh at making the connection.
    Keg, Politics, MLP, games, spiders, douchbags, games.

    This was a interesting listen. Sound quality was fine.

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