The Delicates No. 3/4

I’m not sure if this post counts as 3 or 4 of the delicates. I am now on day 4 of National Podcast Posting Month and I didn’t post a pod, but instead, a blog yesterday so….

Today’s episode is a little late night rambling to myself. I go over a request for the letter C and give you some insight to the weekend I am going to have.(Just a little though. You can’t get too close to me. Weirdos. Sheesh.)

Leave a comment below suggesting something for me to ramble about on my next post. Talk to you tomorrow.

Click Here to Listen


One comment

  1. A person doesn’t realize how badly they talk until their first few recordings. It put my linguistic ego in check.
    Didn’t count the “um’s”, but they weren’t obvious until you mentioned it. Great monologues.

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