NaPodPoMo Day 3

Sorry, no delicates today.

All of this November work is very time consuming. Between writing a novel and compiling enough information for a show a day, as well as working and growing this moustache for Movember a man loses time to sit in front of a microphone.

Since I don’t have time to get a show up for the day, I figured I could write a blog here instead. But what do I write about? Everything I have for the show is conversational. So I decided I would blend a little bit of my activities for the month. So for todays contribution to NaPodPoMo, I am giving a paragraph sample of my novel for NaNoWriMo.

Anyone reading this will be among the only people with even a glimpse into what I’m writing. To keep up with all of the ambiguity I am working on, I figured it’s in my best interest to not set the stage for you. So without further ado, here is an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo project.

“I’m jarred awake by the captains voice ringing in the cabin’s speakers, and the feeling of being uncontrollably overwhelmed by gravities pull. “Attention passengers, upon our decent for landing we hit a small pocket of turbulence. Please fasten your seat belts, and stay calm. We’ll have you on the ground safely in no time.” The pilots attempt to mask his mild panic is betrayed by subtle quivers in his words. His brain choosing to forget that it knows how to pilot, instead distributes intoxicating levels of adrenaline to every muscle. The shock of adrenaline will only last a few moments, and he will regain his wits, but the other passengers quickly pick up on the sounds and the panic spreads like the plague.”

Comments are always welcome.



  1. I’m expecting Samuel L. Jackson to jump out yelling, There’s Snakes on this Plane LOL! That’s cool how you described the pilots shaky voice, and how it’s began to affect everyone else.

    1. Maybe I should add him in a scene there. Haha. That would be awesome.
      Thanks for the comment. It feels nice to have someone I don’t know give it a look. I can’t wait to finish/edit it and put it out for people to read.

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