The Lost Sister Files No. 4

Hey, shirtheads! Yes, I am back from the studying grave and, since I only have about two weeks till my next bout of exams, I’m not going to be meticulous or picky about what I write on. It’s kinda a waste of time, and time is valuable, or at least it is to the living. Anyway, I recently rediscovered pedometers. I have inherited this totally rad “Pokemon Pikachu,” which I will henceforth refer to as the “Pokedometer.”
Now, you’re probably thinking, “Wait – didn’t Pokemon just put out some pedometers? Where and when did this come from?” Well, this “Pokedometer” came out about the time Pokemon Blue and Red were released and an update of my model came out when Gold and Silver were released. Since then it has been remade a few times, but the reboot of the game was complete when it also incorporated the “Pokewalker” along with the game.

This nifty little blast from the past has me fired up to start walking more, which is more special than it sounds because of the amount of walking I do everyday now that I go to Texas State. My first question, though, was “How many calories are burned by a single step?” Unfortunately, my Pokedometer doesn’t include this calculation as a part of its features, which is understand able because this item was probably an attempt to compete with the ‘Digimon’ and ‘Tamagotchi’ that were extremely popular at the time. Nevertheless, we live in the technology age and most things are easier to find than you think.

Shape Up America!, a leading non-profit concerned with educating our country on how to become or stay fit with simple exercises and no gym membership, indicates that on average you’ll burn one calorie for every 20 steps you burn. SUA recommends to use  walking as a tool for weight loss – you should walk 10,000 steps a day in order to burn 500 calories a day.

This news admittedly kinda bummed me out at first, but you would be surprised at how quickly these steps add up, and the calories you burn vary with increases and decreases. For a person who has neither the time nor the money for gyms, this is a good first step on the road to being more likely to survive 60. That aside, something I almost always think to myself when I pick something up is, “Self,” I think “When was this invented and how exactly does this work?” You might call bull on that, but it is the major side effect of watching The History Channel for most of your life.

It is said that the idea of a pedometer has roots in ancient Rome, but the first documented blueprints were drawn up by the illustrious Leonardo Da Vinci for military uses, though the modern all-mechanical pedometer was introduced later to America by Thomas Jefferson, and it is Jefferson who is most often given credit for its design and modern introduction into western society.

As for how it works? Well, a simple pedometer like my ‘Pokedometer’ consists of a mechanical sensor which counts steps by calculating how much the body shakes. The device can sense the vibrations of your feet hitting the pavement or the movement of your hips and use this to move the counter forward.

Well, now that I, as well as you, know all there there is to know about pedometers, we’ll be able to strut around our various cities looking maybe a little silly but feeling good knowing that right at your hip you are a badass catwalking with Da Vinci’s and Jefferson’s brainchild. That’s all i have for you this week. If there is anything in particular you want to know then comment below. Until then, go out and get educated!

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