16 I Know You’re Handicapable But

Todays episode brings together three long lost friends.  What? No one was lost? Oh. Sorry. My bad.

Today’s episode brings together three long time friends (is that better?) with nothing better to do than bring you this weeks episode, with bear news and all. Dig a little deeper into Chris Fillmore’s past with a blast from the… (come on… I can’t even use that joke? You guys suck)

16 I Know You’re Handicapable But

Creepy Anti-abortion thing in Schulenburg, Tx

My Childhood was shattered AGAIN. (Pluto is a planet):

Particles found to break the speed of light. 

Baltimore Raven’s Mascot









Bear News:

This week in BEARS. 4 way battle between woman, dog, man, and bear. 

DA BEARS (are going to attack)



  1. This episode was filled will:
    Jokes that knew no end
    Impressions (some good/some bad)
    stories, and ancedotes
    lots of talking w/no real structure.
    Overall it reminds me of when I have an epicly good time shooting the shit w/my friends.

    Rating: **** (4 out of 5 stars) could of been 5 if Gholke was there.

    1. Heh. Thanks E. I could have edited the show to be a little more cohesive and such, but for one I was late on getting the show up this week and then there is the fact that I didn’t want to take away from the element of the three of us in the studio. A little more raw. I’ll be sure to let Gohlke know he was missed. Stay tuned! He shall return soon.

  2. I am at work, and thus I cannot comment on this episode through twitter, but that’s kind of okay, cause I want to type more than fifteen words. That was a great episode. Had a really good feel, probably due to the fact that it wasn’t done over Skype. Did you have fun making up your own commercials, they are one of my favorite things to do now… when I can think of something. Also, you advertised your site as ohshirtpodcast.BLOGSPOT.com. WE are BLOGSPOT, YOU are WORDPRESS! lol. Oh, and “Fold it” … sounds similar and familiar, hmmm, not sure where I’ve heard something like that. Oh well, when I remember, I’ll get back to- OH WAIT! I remember- just messing. All in all, it was an awesome episode and it helped make my work day go by a bit faster. Keep doing your thing, and I’ll keep listening!

    1. I’m glad you used your time at work to be as irresponsible as you were to leave a comment. I love getting comments while I am at work. I friggin loved writing that commercial. I really want to do more. I have one I am working on for the future and it’s going to be relatively large. I’ll have to keep you in the know with that one. The FOLD IT thing is going to make a little more sense when Gholke and myself do the next show. Finally came up with a full intro and sign off. True though, it does sound like yours.
      And I always have to fight myself on the .blogspot thing. I don’t know why. Feel like a fool but it’s out there now. Glad you enjoyed. Keep in touch. You’ve been dead on twitter lately.

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