The Lost Sister Files No. 3

Holy Shirt, Shirtheads! I had about 4 exams this week and studying raped my free time so i don’t have a totally awesome article for you! but, i am determined to give you something to think about for the next week, so here’s the deal: i’ma post some more “related cool shit” for legos and star wars, as well as the articles that incurred a reaction this week. The Lost Sister Files will resume as usual next week.




Star Wars!










I hope that’s enough to keep you distracted till next week, when i’ll have time to actually write something. Lemme know if there’s something you particularly like by leaving comments and such!

There’s one thing I did promise to post for the illustrious Mr. Fillmore. See you next week!


The Laundry Drinking Game

take a shot/ drink every time you:

  1. have to turn a shirt right-side out
  2. have to turn a shirt right-side out after you accidentally turned a shirt inside out.
  3. hang something that could be folded (tshirts, jeans, etc.)
  4. fold something wrong (it doesn’t look like people would buy it in a store)
  5. hear the washer, or dryer beep
  6. run out of hangers
  7. found an article of clothing you forgot you had

and my personal favorite

8. when you finish doing the laundry


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