The Lost Sister Files No. 2

Hello Shirt Heads! How was your week? I trust you have all been appalled by George Lucas’ changes to the American epic, Star Wars. I could rage for a while, but i’ll save that for any time someone says “what’s the big deal?”.  In a timeless story there are no minor changes everything is major, and right about now it’s like if Homer made  “The Odyssey” about a kooky road trip, as opposed to a desperate struggle to return home. Nevertheless these changes are definitely stirring up emotions and are getting a lot of press, which makes me think that was the intention behind these changes. the more people know, the more blu-rays get sold, yadda yadda yadda.



At first I was nothing, if not frustrated with the greed of the industry. Then I remembered something I haven’t thought about in years.


The third (or sixth, depending on how you count it) and best of the double trilogy didn’t make a profit. I know it’s hard to believe but, due to some tricky accounting and evil shenanigans by distribution companies Return of the Jedi hasn’t turned a profit after nearly 30 years, even after multiple releases in theaters, and different media updates. The people who get shit on the most are who you don’t expect.


David Prowse, the body actor for Darth Vader from the original Star Wars trilogy has NEVER been paid for his work in the film.


But that’s not the only person that got shafted for his work in the film. Andrew Ainsworth, the British artist who made the Storm Trooper battle fatigues for the original trilogy was sued by Lucas for selling authentic Storm Trooper helmets, armor, as well as other iconic head-wear from the series. As you may probably know Lucas has a stronghold on his copyrights for Star Wars merchandise, but as an artist Ainsworth has the right to sell his work despite these copyrights, or so he thought. Lucasfilm sued Ainsworth  in the United States was awarded $20 million in damages. Fortunately for Ainsworth when Lucas tried to enforce his copyright in the UK Ainsworth eventually won out and sells his wares everywhere but the USA.

                                                  I would sell organs for a high quality Imperial Pilot Helmet

I know that’s a whole bunch of sadtown, but honestly at this point in the industry it’s business as usual, and it’s amazing that the underdog would ever win. But not everything behind the scenes of Star Wars is money grubbing and greediness. There is always this: 

Now most people think that Star Wars, being as iconic as it could possibly be, ruined every notable actor’s career, except Harrison Ford, of course. And this might be true, as far as screen acting goes, but you would you believe it that the illustrious Mark Hamill is banking on in the voice acting department?


Mark Hamill has been making a killing as a voice actor in shows like, Avatar the Last Airbender, Batman the Brave and the Bold, The Regular Show, Adventure Time and a few dozen others. Hamill might have broke into the business playing the innocent protagonist, but his calling is being the antagonist.


You should check out all his amazing Villainy in games like, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Darksiders, and  The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.  He’s also playing this guy in the new Kingdom Hearts game Birth by Sleep.

There’s no denying that Star Wars has effected people around the world. This simple story of good v. evil has changed the world. I personally can not stop myself from saying “Obi Wan” after saying “only hope”, but the classic status that this story has reached will not impede the author from changing it. Before we go crazy calling him greedy, remember that he’s essentially keeping the status quo, and with all the bad of these changes, that the series has caused much good in the world too. also, these changes have also made the original VHS tapes more valuable, not only monetarily but also emotionally. I’m already creating a stratagem for getting my dad’s copies when he goes to that big star destroyer in the sky. Do you have any cool info on Star Wars? How about any cool merchandise? Post a comment about it below! Remember: cool kids post comments!

                                  -Rachel Gohlke

                                    The Lost Sister



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