13 God Has a Magnifying Glass on Texas

Bear news continues to roll out as it becomes a full on feature. For God so loved the world, he burnt the fuck out of it. Wild fires give Chris allergies and Gohlke names his future show. Conversations circle the toilet as we talk about the education system, millitary, and the Batman Zorro time rip.

Show summary aside, we would just like to thank all of you listeners and supporters for putting us in your head every week (or whenever you do it). This is easily one of the most fun things I fill my week with. I’ve been more and more excited as the weeks progress, and the show becomes more cohesive.

Click Here to Listen

Or Here : [audio https://ohshirtpodcast.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/13-god-has-a-magnifying-glass.mp3]

Big Ass Fans

Bitches Who Punch Bears

I still have my arms and my dog.

Thanks to Nick at Burn Bin Podcast for forwarding this video.

School Presentation of My Little Pony



  1. The video links are GREAT! and I love Gohlke’s idea for a new school system, it makes a lot of sense. Also I Love Lucy and I Dream of Genie still come on TVland all the time. At least with Directv they do.

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