05 I Don’t Live In Sin

05 I Don’t Live in Sin


Part 2/2, the continuation of the Chris and Chris episode. We finish the Landon story, talk about working as clerks and the benefits of podcasting.

If you’re interested in webpage building and want to help Oh Shirt! grow contact the show via email at ohshirtpodcast@gmail.com

Musicians, if you have some audio you would like to play in the background of the show let us know we would love to have your music on the show.



  1. yes! long live the art of conversations! you can tell victoria can churn out SOME good. anybody who can promising jizz jokes on the regular and then express the love for conversations is a person worth having in this world.

    …oh and i was glad the “surgery” story was so short , i almost lost my skipped lunch.

    1. It’s always a plus if I can get someone to lose even a little bit of lunch. I have a lot of really cool things coming soon! I got some really exciting news Thursday. Later today or early tomorrow I may be typing up a somewhat lengthy blog post to enlighten you all with. Stay tuned!

  2. I had comments to leave but I forgot them all as your unicorn song has distracted me and that’s all that is in my head now. Thanks.

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