04 No Lithuanian Listeners

04 No Lithuanian Listeners


After 2 years of little contact, two friends sit and catch up.

Thanks to Chris Gohlke for sitting and being Oh Shirt’s 3rd guest and giving enough talk for 2 episodes.



  1. Just finished listening to the show and I realized about midway through something was off a bit. And what it was is an old problem of mine; sometimes I have difficulty articulating my thoughts.
    I know it’s happened a lot in the past where I’m stuck on a word when talking to a friend, but because they’ve known me for so long they can figure out what I’m trying to say from my flailing arm and hand gestures.
    But in a purely audio format, with listeners that I’m certain are not familiar with me, I might have come across as spaced out; for which I apologize.

    1. Nig, you have a hard time saying “bless you” after you sneeze! P.s. I was happy when you said “commander gold” with goat loads of pride!

      1. Hey there Rachel! Thanks for listening and commenting! Did you enjoy the show? If so stay tuned next week is going to be the finale of this weeks. And subscribe to keep abreast of all of the future episodes. Things are getting better every week. And Chris will surely return!

  2. Lol I can’t believe you mentioned my comment about aliens. You can blame Xfiles for my fear. Also the way you and your friends talk about Victoria is exactly how me and mine talked about Pearland (where I grew up). Sounds like the same kind of place. Good show!

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