Tune in Tuesdays

To all of my Oh Shirt! listeners,

I would like to formally post that as of last week, I made a promise to myself that in the end was really an unspoken promise to you all as well that I would release a new episode of Oh Shirt! every Tuesday from now on. In hopes to have some stability in my own as well as your lives. So yeah… There’s that promise.

A few more things I should address. The site has clearly been reformatted. I have added a new menu tab for episodes. So as more episodes come live you will be able to find them in two place: The main blog page, or in the EPISODES tab.

There is also a Contact page, which just has the email address and twitter link.

As for episode 2 I have had a few issues with iTunes on episode two. At one point the episode was up but not able to be listened to on mobile devices, so I pulled it down and re-uploaded it. In doing that iTunes showed two different episodes of Did He Just Call You Sheeople. So…. I tried to fix it and now there is no episode two. I beg your forgiveness in the fact that I am still not to knowledgeable in the posting of podcasts yet. One day it will all be smooth and there will be no audio issues and I’ll have a flying unicorn and Chuck Norris will be my life coach and I will have chest hair that can poke out the eyes of a man in China from Houston. Until then you will have to bare with problems and stupid stories.

Last order of business, if anyone knows of a graphic artist looking for a small job, I need to do a new logo for the show. Send them my way via email.

Another blog coming soon I am sure. Until then, this studio needs a good cleaning.

Love and peace you silly peeps!



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