Problems with the site?

I was told there may or may not be a problem on this page with episode 2. Anyone experiencing any issues? If so I need to get to work on figuring out the problems. Today has been extremely awesome. I just finished an interview with The Venetia Fair. Those guys are both awesome and CRAZY. The episode will be up on Tuesday I hope you are all excited.

I haven’t found any e-mails in the inbox suggesting any movies. I really like this game idea and think it could be really fun. So let’s get some interaction. I wanna see the inbox blow up.

UGH! I don’t wanna wait to put up episode 3! It’s going to be great. I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the interview. This is kind of a pointless post today, but it’s better than nothing. We should get some pictures going on the site soon.

Talk to you all later. Peace, love, and all of that hippie junk!



Update on this, I think I figured out a fix to the site problem, so if there are anymore problems just let me know in the comments below or via email.



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