01 My Uncle is Ted Kaczynski

Finally, after over a week of effort I can bring to you episode one of Oh Shirt!

01 My Uncle is Ted Kaczynski

In this episode it’s me and Orion talking books, bears, zombies and other things.

When you’re done listening go ahead and leave a comment. Let me know what you thought. Feedback is very helpful!

BIG BIG BIG BIG MAJOR HUGE thanks to Andrew over at www.songstowearpantsto.com . He gave me permission to use the song at the end of the episode and it’s a really fun song. He’s an amazing artist and deserves way more credit than I can give him. Check out everything he does from rocking rapping songs on commission and awesome hybrid stuff. He’s a great guy and fun to watch/listen to. Let him know who sent you!



  1. Oh shirt! First off brilliant name
    Second I died laughing the whole time lol
    Waiting for the next bro keep up the good work

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