New to Podcasts?

Hey there!

How the heck are you?

Me? I’m awesome. Even better knowing this is going to be the birth week of Oh Shirt!

As everything gets closer to beginning I thought I would give everyone new to podcasting a small step by step walkthrough of podcasting.

First things first. What’s a podcast? That’s a pretty understandable question to ask. A few years ago I would have asked the same thing. has podcasting’s explanation as this- “A podcast (or non-streamed webcast) is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication.” Broken down to words that I would actually use- A podcast is a radio show for very niche markets, geared to a certain subject or style.

Where do I find these Podcasts you speak of? Another excellent question, my student. You’ll need to go to the iTunes store, and in your navigation bar located at the top of your iTunes you will find a section labeled “Podcasts”. Click that sucker! From here there is a world’s worth of shows to listen to. You can sift through genres, or stay on the main splash page and look at or listen to the featured shows. If you know what you are looking for, this process is a lot less tedious. Just go to iTunes and search for that item as you would for a song, movie, or television show.

…What you should be doing now is typing in Oh Shirt! You already did? Awesome. You are absolutely the best! Here’s your cookie! Allergic to chocolate. SHUT UP AND EAT!

Alrighty, most of the hard work is done! Now, I’m gonna want you to listen a little more often than just once, so all you have to do now is click “Subscribe Free” and you will be updated automatically every time there is a new episode. That’s right, that sucker is free AND automatic! It’s like Christmas. But better. Because in the show I will be Santa Clause. I’ll be dressed as Santa every time I edit an episode and brandish my WHIP OF JUSTICE  as I have my elf servants load the show onto the slay and deliver it to Steve Jobs and the iTunes army as a sacrifice to the internet gods.

Whoops… sorry… >.> That was kinda weird. Anyway, if there are any questions leave ’em down there in the comments and I will answer them in no time.

Also, go ahead and subscribe to the show’s Twitter stream while you’re at it. This will keep you updated on all show-like things that I don’t put here on the site.

Until next time.




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